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Loveland Lightning Lacrosse is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that solely exists to support Thompson Valley High School Lacrosse and various youth events.  LLL is not affiliated with Thompson School District or Thompson Valley High School.  Any fund raising efforts done with or on behalf of LLL, will remain within the LLL organization.  Fund raising balances from graduating seniors will stay in place to support younger players/siblings.  Any remaining balances after graduation will be donated to the LLL organization, player's choice, either "General Fund" or "Elaine McGhie Memorial Scholarship Fund". Continued fund raising support for LLL and the growth of lacrosse in Loveland is always welcome after graduation.


LLL would like to make fund raising as easy as possible for our
players and their families. 



Students 16 and older can sign up to work at events. A portion of the event's concession credited to the player's account to use for registration, jackets, helmets, etc. Great income potential! Sign up here.

We offer King Sooper's/City Market Reloadable gift cards.  Purchase as many cards for $5 (preloaded with $5 that can be used at your first purchase), then load  your card at any King Sooper's store location (or customer service desk) for any amount up to $500.  Use the loaded monies to purchase your groceries or fuel at any King Sooper's, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralph, Fry's and Fry's Marketplace, Dillon's, Smith's Food and Drug, City Market, QFC, Food for Less, Owen's, Foods Co, Hilanders, Payless Super Markets, Calla-Bella's, Baker's, JayC, Fred Meyer's Jewelers or Littman and Barklay Jewelers (Loaf and Jug does NOT accept these cards).  Family/friends that live out-of-town/state can use at any of these retailers as well.  For every purchase put on the card(s) associated with your player's account, King Sooper's will deposit 5% directly into your player's fund raising account.  Spring lacrosse dues (8th grade players are welcome to start early) are historically $250 (but can change with increased costs to the club including field usage, coaches salaries, away game meals, etc).  When the card is empty, just give it to the cashier before you start your purchase and reload for any amount again.  This is a year round fund raiser.  As long as you use the card (s), your player(s) will continue to benefit.  There are no hidden fees or extra costs affiliated with this program.  If card remains unused (not loaded with monies) for 90 days, it will no longer be a valid card and 5% will not be deposited into your players account (even though you can still load monies onto it).

These gift cards are available for purchase only through Loveland Lightning Lacrosse/Eagle Lacrosse and can not be made at King Soopers.  Please see below for contact information to get started.

To order, please email Dave Loomis at with the following information:

  • Player's Name (current grade)
  • Parent's Name
  • Parent's Phone Number
  • Parent's Email Address
  • How many $5 cards you would like



  • With a $250 balance, any additional monies over $250 can be applied to any season, warm up jacket, or helmet.


  • Additional Coach's fees (TVHS/District pays for 2, LL pays for 4+)
  • Face Off Dinner main entree for players and their immediate family
  • End of Season Gift for each player/coach/manager
  • Thank you gift for each coach
  • Senior gifts
  • End of Season Awards and Dinner for the players/coaches/managers
  • Field usage at the Loveland Sports Park turf field when snow prohibits using school fields
  • Away game meals for all players/coaches/managers
  • All other incidental costs not covered by TVHS (TVHS covers: x2 Coach salaries, uniforms, game field usage, ref fees and away game buses--not including spring break trip)


If you would like to know your player's current balance after fund raising or with any questions about fund raising, please email Dave Loomis at







This scholarship was created in honor of Elaine McGhie for her contribution to Loveland Lightning Lacrosse and her commitment to the continued growth of high school boy’s lacrosse in the greater Loveland, Colorado area.  Elaine McGhie’s dedication to and support of Loveland Lightning Lacrosse will continue to live on through this scholarship in her name.



  1. Scholarships requests should be made for the current registration season only and must be for a specified dollar amount.
  2. Funding must be requested in writing by the parent/guardian of the individual player no less than one week prior to the start of the current registration season. 
  3. Requests should be sent to the Scholarship Committee Chairman as designated on the LLL web site.
  4. At the time of application the player must provide proof of good academic standing (documented GPA of 2.5) and should be prepared to provide on-going proof if requested.
  5. The applicant must be recognized by the LLL coaching staff as exhibiting good sportsmanship, character and teamwork.
  6. Applicant families must agree to participate in the King Soopers Fund Raising program if not already enrolled.
  7. Applicant families must agree to volunteer to work at least two (2) home game concession stand sessions during the spring high school season.
  8. If a player receives scholarship money and voluntarily does not complete the associated season the full amount of player dues for that season must be paid to the club.



  1. The Scholarship Committee, comprised of 3 members of the LLL Board of Directors and 2 volunteer members from the community at-large, will evaluate all requests and determine recipients.
  2. At no time will a current or past coach, coach’s representative, or coach’s family member be allowed to be a sitting member of the Scholarship Committee.
  3. Scholarships will be granted on a per registration season basis.
  4. The annual Spring Break traveling trip is not eligible for scholarship funding.
  5. Scholarship monies will be applied directly to the player account balance due.
  6. Approved grants for sums exceeding 50% of expected individual player amount due must be agreed to by vote of the full LLL Board of Directors.
  7. One-time grants for past due seasons must be approved by the LLL Board of Directors and must not exceed 50% of the then current total amount due.
  8. The scholarship is funded through private individual donations to the Elaine McGhie Scholarship fund.  Scholarships will be granted as funding allows.